BD2050 Carbon Calculator

To reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, there is a need to prioritise policies and regulations. Acknowledging the need for data-driven climate forecasts, an integrated model of energy, emissions, and land use in Bangladesh has been developed to identify energy secure pathways for supply and demand of energy between now and 2050. The “Bangladesh 2050 energy and carbon emissions calculator” abbreviated to “BD2050” developed at Cardiff University, UK by a team of researchers, led by Dr Monjur Mourshed, was initially launched by the British High Commissioner to Bangladesh, Mr Robert Gibson, during the Gobeshona Conference for Research on Climate Change in Bangladesh held in Dhaka in January 2015.

Since then, the project has developed further – course material in the form of self-taught online tutorials are soon to published on the BD2050 website and currently a series of workshops are being held throughout Dhaka.

The calculator allows the user to explore all high-level energy, economic, and emission pathway options that the country faces. For each possible pathway the user can investigate likely impacts on land-use, electricity, energy security, food production and intake.

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