GED-IIED-ICCCAD-IUB Learning Hub Events


The overarching aim of the Learning Hub Events (LHE) is to support the Planning Commission of Government of Bangladesh to set up a learning/ knowledge hub for enabling knowledge exchange and dialogues on climate resilient development planning.

In order to facilitate the integrated planning process and help policy makers and planners to make effective policy decisions, GED-IIED- ICCCAD jointly organize Learning Hubs to support the Planning Commission (PC) of Govt. of Bangladesh. The Learning Hub events operate under the leadership of the Planning Commission and,support by IIED and ICCCAD. ICCCAD manages institutional supports, technical designs and dialogues that conduct within the Learning Hub. Planning Commission hosts and manages these workshops and dialogues. Other government ministries such as the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, Ministry of Science and Information Communication Technology, etc and their relevant agencies and also Bangladesh Bank participate in the Learning Hub through an active learning process. The GED, Planning Commission facilitates the communication among various stakeholders and develops knowledge products with the support from IIED and ICCCAD-IUB.


  • Organize dialogues among state and non-state actors on different thematic policy issues related to climate change. Effectiveness of such dialogues will be enhanced by targeted specific policy agendas, lateral and multi-lateral events, and development planning programmes.
  • Organize workshops to facilitate the planning and knowledge sharing process, targeting specific development planning programme, and lateral and multi-lateral events.
  • Support the Planning Commission to develop specific knowledge products as outcomes of the event, i.e. policy briefs,working papers, reports.
  • Support the Planning Commission in disseminating knowledge products and promoting them correspondently in specific lateral and multi-lateral platforms.


  1. Monitoring & Evaluation and Tracking Climate Finance Effectiveness
  2. Tackling Urbanization and Climate Change Together
  3. Food and Nutrition Security – A Comprehensive and Adaptive Agricultural Development