Action Research for Community Adaptation in Bangladesh (ARCAB) organizes National Conference on Community Based Adaptation (NCBA) to Climate Change every two years in Bangladesh. As CBA receives increasing attention for balancing community engagement with responses to climate change, Bangladesh has emerged as a leader in both CBA research and practice. The conference aims to evaluate CBA best practices in different regions, promote successful CBA practices where applicable, increase communication among stakeholders, and strengthen the dissemination of CBA throughout Bangladesh.

The objectives are:

  • Bring CBA stakeholders together;
  • Capture the latest learning of CBA;
  • Disseminate the lessons learnt;
  • Evaluate the best CBA practices of different regions;
  • Promote successful CBA practices to areas where applicable;
  • Develop increased communication among stakeholders;
  • Develop strong outreach components of disseminating CBA.

Local, national and International CBA conference

The Local and National CBA conference are organized as the Communication and Knowledge management part of Action Research for Community Adaptation in Bangladesh (ARCAB). The ARCAB action partners are expected to play a significant role to carry out the activity. ARCAB lessons are disseminated internationally during International CBA Conference which is held every year.

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