Chowdhury Abrar Zahin

Research Officer

Chowdhury Abrar Zahin, currently working as a Research Officer in the Loss and Damage Programme at ICCCAD, is a dedicated young professional in the field of environmental science with a profound commitment to understanding and mitigating the impact of climate change. He pursued his bachelor’s degree from Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB), where his academic journey ignited his passion for addressing one of the pressing issues of this time.

In his role as a Research Officer at ICCCAD’s Loss and Damage Programme, Chowdhury Abrar Zahin engages in cutting-edge research, collaborating with experts worldwide to explore innovative solutions aimed at addressing the complex challenges posed by climate-induced loss and damage. In his daily endeavors, he strives to bridge the gap between science and policy, advocating for sustainable practices and policies that have the potential to make a tangible difference in our ongoing battle against the impacts of climate change. Through his dedication to this cause, he envisions a more resilient and environmentally conscious future for communities worldwide.