Farzana Siddika

Visiting Researcher

Farzana Siddika_photoFarzana Siddika is working as a visiting researcher at ICCCAD. She is a student of Joint Master of Science programme ‘Geography of Environmental Risk and Human Security’ at the University of Bonn and United Nations University, Bonn, Germany. She worked as a ‘Research Intern’ at the German Research Centre for Geoscience in Potsdam, Germany. Before her study in Germany, Ms. Farzana was an active member of ‘vInspired’ which is one of the UK’s leading young volunteers group. As a volunteer, she worked on social welfare issues in her local community in Coventry, United Kingdom. She completed her Bachelor of Science from the department of Geography and Environment, University of Dhaka. Ms. Farzana carries vision in her mind to achieve precious research experience working with ICCCAD.