Sowmen Rahman

Project Coordinator 

Sowmen Rahman is coordinating the Urban Climate Resilience team at ICCCAD. Previously Mr. Rahman worked in an IOM project titled “Stepping out and stepping In Migration” as a Research Assistant at University of Waikato. The project was conducted on the remittance workers who moved from Singapore to New Zealand for better prospects. Mr. Rahman conducted a master’s thesis on vulnerability of the low-lying urban slums due to climate change impacts and natural disasters; and worked with these communities to design a climate resilient infrastructure solution for these informal settlements. He has been in the development sector for a while and contributed to the successful completion of various qualitative and quantitative research projects. Among the noteworthy projects, he previously supported two ICCCAD projects focused on “multi-stakeholder collaboration for climate resilience in the water and sanitation services of low-income urban centres” jointly with Habitat for Humanity International and IIED UK. Earlier in his career, he contributed as a research assistant in a multi-year Asia Pacific Network (APN) project titled “An International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme Synthesis Theme on: Global Environment Change and Sustainable Development: Needs of Least Developed Countries” in its Climate Change Challenges project for Dhaka Region. He worked as a research associate for field data collection in the Hospital Earthquake Vulnerability Analysis in Bangladesh conducted by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) and Nirapad. Mr. Rahman started his career with Transparency International Bangladesh as field enumerator and received training on the National Household Survey on Corruption.