MAINTAINS (Maintaining essential services after Shocks)
Oxford Policy Management Ltd (OPML) is working with the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) on a DFID-funded cross-country research programme called MAINTAINS (Maintaining essential services after Shocks). Other than Bangladesh, this programme will be carried out in Pakistan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Sierra Leone.

It is a fiver year research program currently at its scoping phase. We are currently developing our research questions along the line of interests of DFID-Bangladesh and other stakeholders. By the end of March, 2019 there will be research questions ready which will be explored eventually in different vulnerable locations in Bangladesh. And research findings will be tailored to other operational researches for the consecutive years.

Ojectives of ICCCAD MAINTAINS programme:
The objective of MAINTAINS is to undertake operationally-relevant research on how essential services, including social protection plus health and education, can adapt and expand in response to covariant shocks such as floods, droughts, cyclones and disease outbreaks.


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