Local responses to climate-related non-economic losses and damages: a case study in Burigoalini and Gabura Union, Southwest Bangladesh

People in Burigoalini and Gabura Unions frequently face climate-related hazards. Adequate adaptation measures to these hazards are often missing, causing losses and damages. This paper focuses on non-economic losses and damages: items that are not commonly traded in markets (such as the loss of biodiversity or cultural heritage).

The non-economic losses and damages that people in Burigoalini and Gabura Unions face were explored under ten pre-determined categories, followed by an examination of local responses to these impacts.

A set of conclusions and recommendations were drawn from the observations made during this study. Topics included are insufficient local capacity, gender inequality, and the valuation of non-economic losses and damages.


Douwe van Schie, Rawnak Jahan Khan Ranon, Afsara Binte Mirza, Simon Anderson
Corresponding author: Douwe van Schie (douwe.van.schie@icccad.org)
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Published by IIED, October 2022

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