9th Short Course

“Least Developed Countries Planning Meeting”

12th-18th February 2012: Independent University Bangladesh (IUB), Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Benito Mueller
  • Achala Chandani (IIED)
  • Anju Sharma (IIED)
  • Koko Warner (UNU-EHS)
Short Course Summary

The objectives were:

  • To enable the least developed countries (LDC) climate change group to develop a long term strategy for the UNFCCC
  • To provide expert training on specific topics under the UNFCCC negotiations

The programme was formatted accordingly to achieve these objectives and all participants were staying together for the duration of the programme which enabled a lot of informal interactions amongst the group. Also selected international experts on specific topics lead to discussions on those topics. Furthermore each topic involved intense group discussions to develop a strategy for the LDC group. A separate session for interactions with Bangladesh government and negotiators was held as well, and in addition there was a field trip to see some relevant activities in Bangladesh. The course was aimed at developing a long-term strategy for the LDC Group in the UNFCCC negotiations, and creating a cohort of a better–prepared core group of LDC negotiators.

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