Bangladesh launched a book entitled: The Paris Framework for Climate Change Capacity Building

Book Launching: ‘The Paris Framework for Climate Change Capacity Building’ for full album please click here

Speaking at a colourful event graced by the Minister of Environment and Climate, the Minister mentioned that this book  “The Paris Framework for Climate Change Capacity Building” will obviously steer debates on the subject of climate change capacity building under the Paris Agreement. "it is now time for Bangladesh to carryout rigorous evidence based research on Capacity building needs in the country, There is so much we do not know, including costs for certain actions.
Soon the Ministry of Environment and Climate will launch a programme to financially support research by research institutions. Already Bdt 10 million is readily available for this. It is also establishing the Climate Change Institute. Dr Huq the Director of ICCCAD concluded by mentioning that he was impressed the minister in very optimistic about pushing the changer agenda under in the country’s climate story, from "vulnerability to victor”. He added that, in Capacity building, the framing is knowledge. Problems will not be the same every time hence the need for different ways of solving them. Secondly we need to learn about solutions. Solutions can be disaggregated by location and by stakeholder. The invitation for support by the Climate Trust as well as the new Climate Institute

Gobeshona is a platform started by ICCCAD and houses more than 2000 new publications by various stakeholders, Besides, there a monthly seminars on various topics. Every January, a National conference is held for researchers to share knowledge. In 2019 ICCAD will make the yearly conference International so that it tapes into perspectives from across the globe.

A network of 12 University from LDCs and wish to remain in leadership, even if Bangladesh graduates from LDC status. So the aim is to capacitating ourselves, and building the capacity of others, Dr Huq ended by mentioning the idiom that , “We do not loose Knowledge by Giving it away”. We aim to share with developing countries too.

Report Prepared By: Sherpard Zvigadza  is a visiting researcher at ICCCAD.