Online Course on Urban Resilience and Liveability

This course provides a sound interdisciplinary introduction to the basic understanding of Urban Resilience and Liveability, their inter-relationship as well as perspectives and variances and how people and the environment have connected them. Following the completion of this course, the participants will know

  • How urban resilience impacts the liveability and quality of life in cities
  • Challenges in achieving both resiliency and liveability
  • Possible ways to make cities more resilient to disasters and more liveable for all inhabitants

Course Methods

  • Virtual Zoom sessions
  • Online collaboration software packages for brainstorming, group work and presenting results of group work

Who Can Apply

  • Early-career professionals and researchers with interest and experience on urban resilience
  • Graduate students and senior year undergraduate students with interest in urban resilience

Expected Commitment From Participants

  • Participation in lectures
  • Preparation for online sessions
  • Active engagement for a group project

Trainer and Expert Group:

  1. Prof. Saleemul Huq, ICCCAD
  2. Dr. Hanna Ruszczyk, Durham University
  3. Dr. Alex Halligey, University of Johannesburg
  4. Dr. M. Feisal Rahman, Durham University


Tentative Start Date :1st November 2020

Duration of the Course : 2 Months

☛ Application process: Send application using this link :
Application Deadline: 10th October, 2020
For any queries, please contact: Sumaiya Binte Selim (

A collaboration of ICCCAD & IHRR , Durham University

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