Fiona Spuler

Visiting Researcher

Fiona is a climate researcher interested in climate information for adaptation, humanitarian, and financial decision-making. Fiona holds a degree in Physics (MSc, University of Edinburgh) as well as Environmental Change and Management (MSc, University of Edinburgh) where she focused on finance for climate adaptation in her dissertation. Fiona gained work experience at the 2° Investing Initiative, a not-for-profit organisation working on the alignment of the financial system with climate mitigation goals. She is currently a Fellow of the Mercator Fellowship on international affairs where she is working on finance for climate resilience, specifically on how finance can be allocated according to criteria of social and climate justice, and how financing best reaches the local level. Fiona will begin a PhD at the University of Reading in September 2022 focusing on the quantification of teleconnection pathways in the climate system to improve seasonal forecasts.