Michael Chew

Visiting Researcher

Michael Chew is an sustainability educator, community cultural development practitioner, and photographer/designer with degrees in Mathematical Physics, Photography, Humanities and Social Ecology. He has worked in community-based urban sustainability for over a decade and is passionate about the potential that participatory photography has to empower and connect communities and organisations working in these areas globally. His international perspectives come from a range of global solidarity initiatives: he co-founded the NGO Friends of Kolkata, to coordinate international volunteer programmes and teach participatory photography, he worked in India over groundwater issues, Bangladesh in climate adaptation, and has co-founded NGO Friends of Bangladesh.

He is currently pursuing doctoral research exploring how participatory photography can inspire youth action on climate change across cites in Bangladesh, China and Australia. 
Further information: http://greenphotovoice.org

Research Interests:

Urban community climate adaptation/resilience, participatory photography/video, climate justice, qualitative research methodologies, environmental philosophy and eco-phenomenology 

Professional bio: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelchew1