Shaila Shahid

Senior Advisor-Climate Change, DRR & Gender

Shaila is serving International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) as Senior Advisor- Climate Change, DRR and Gender. Prior to that, she served Gender and Water Alliance (GWA), GIZ, UNDP, IFPRI, WaterAid and Oxfam as a full-time advisor. Shaila had served Gender and Water Alliance as the Team Leader of Bangladesh focusing technical advisory support for Gender Mainstreaming to 10 Gender related, Water Sector, Environment and Food Security cross cutting projects with a focus on Integrated Water Resources Management and Empowerment approach. She has completed International Water Law &Transboundary Water Resources Management course by UNITAR & University of Geneva from July-August 2015.

With 15+ years’ of industry experience Shaila has been working in the arena of action research, capacity building of different stakeholders, strategic communications and policy advocacy level. She has got substantial skills and strategic approach to managing complex large scale projects and teams, maintaining key stakeholders, government, donors, and media relations while motivating the team focused on results. Shaila is Advisory Board Member of Stakeholder Engagement Mechanism (SEM) of UNISDR, Geneva, Switzerland representing Women’s’ Major Group (WMG). In 2018 Shaila served as Lead Discussant in the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development Goals on the review of SDG 11 Building Resilient Cities and Resilient Communities invited by the ECOSOC President in the official session of the Parties in New York, July 2018.

She is an environmental lawyer and a World Wilf Life Fund (WWF) Fellow with long experience in Disaster Risk Reduction, Integrated Water Resources Management, Climate Change Adaptation and building community resilience. She is the Advisor of the local farmer’s research institute “Krisoker Sor (Farmers’ Voice)” an UNISDR nominated Global Champion Community on Disaster Resilience in 2015 from Bangladesh. She holds diverse professional background from social activism to gender equality and environmental sustainability. She is the global and regional voice on women’s issues, climate justice and SDGs campaign. She is also an active member of Women’s Major Group, Women and Gender Constituency of UNFCCC, GNDR and Asia-Pacific RCEM, a platform on SDGs. Shaila closely worked with government and involved with number of policy development process nationally and globally like Disaster Management Act, Water Act, Gender and Equity Strategy and Risk Reduction Action Plan for Climate Change for different Ministries.