Syed Tasfiq Mahmmod

Research Associate

PhotoSyed Tasfiq Mahmmod is a Research Associate for the Climate Change Governance Programme of ICCCAD. Tasfiq Mahmood has completed his B.Sc. on Environmental Management and M.Sc. on Natural Resource Management both from Independent University, Bangladesh. His practical experiences range from working on climate change adaptation and mitigation, wildlife & forest conservation. Working with CCG at ICCCAD has given him a closer understanding over climate change issue at the policy level to ground level. While obtaining his undergraduate degree, Tasfiq has been involved with different activities including club activities, social research and also took part in voluntary activities frequently. During his working period at ICCCAD, he has been involved with the Learning Hub Events and also conducted researches on Low Carbon Resilient Development, Effectiveness of Public Finance Management to address Climate Change Challenge and Financing Local Adaptation. Before joining ICCCAD, Tasfiq was involved with CREL as a consultant for the project called ‘Review of curricula to Climate change Adaptation and Mitigation, and Climate Resilient Natural Resource Management through Co-management’. Part of the job was to assist Dr. Manzoor Rashid during the time period. As a part of his field of interest, Mr. Mahmood served as an Assistant Producer for a well recognized advertising film company widely known as AppleBox Films limited for nearly one year. He, himself is an enthusiastic photographer and handles both professional & personal photography projects.

Skype: tasfiq.mahmood



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