2019 BACS Update

2019 BACS Highlights

  • Session on Integrating Climate Services into Decision Making Processes
    10 January 2019, Gobeshona 5 International Conference, Dhaka

With an aim to integrate climate services into various climate-sensitive sectors in Bangladesh, this session was held to highlight the potentials of BACS into the decision-making processes. The session talked about the short course organized under BACS initiative as a sustainable capacity building approach. Receiving the training, several alumni presented their work with climate services in their respective sectors. The session ended with some recommendations from the participants on how to make the service more comprehensive in manner and accessible for all.

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  • Launching Workshop on Enhancing National Climate Services (ENACTS)

    27 June 2019, Bangladesh Meteorological Department

In order to meet the gap of accurate local climate data, this launching workshop introduced ENACTS datasets to the practitioners and policy makers of Bangladesh to solicit feedback on their needs related to climate information and possible improvements from the maproom. They were introduced to the new datasets through a number of presentations and demonstrations and followed by open discussion and group work to assess the value of this maproom. ENACTS maproom was highly appreciated with few feedbacks, including the need of high-resolutions specific data points, upazilla wise map and integration of other parameters, such as: wind speed, hailstorm prediction or sunshine hours.

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  • 2nd BACS Training Dialogue: Introduction to Climate Services for Aquaculture 27-31 October, 2019 Bangladesh Meteorological Department

Apart from agriculture sector, aquaculture is also highly susceptive to climate variability and risks. To meet this gap, BACS hold a week-long training for the aquaculture sector in Bangladesh, including farmers, farm managers, government officials, and researchers. The training conducted in a participatory manner where participants identified different climate-sensitive problems, acquainted with climate services and ENACTS maproom, found out threats and opportunities for different stakeholders to realize the integration of climate services in the aquaculture sector.

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  • BACS Alumni Dinner Discussion Meeting
    29 October 2019, Hotel Sarina, Dhaka

The alumni dinner discussion meeting was held to bring together participants from both BACS training on climate service under one platform to share cross learning opportunity among themselves. The meeting followed a round-table experience sharing model where previous participants shared their experience of using the knowledge of climate service into their respective fields. It was also highlighted that knowledge distribution should be equal among all the stakeholders of different value chains and government should be more aware to acknowledge the important of climate service into their planning process.

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  • Insurance Workshop: Data for Climate Risks
    3 November 2019, Golden Tulip Grandmark Hotel, Dhaka

This insurance workshop was held with 34 participants from the insurance community of Bangladesh to understand the weather and climate data challenges and identify opportunities to jointly address the problem. The workshop was conducted in a participatory manner through several group exercises and open discussions on the existing need and challenges of the insurance sector. Participants highlighted the need of higher data accessibility, comprehensive data analysis and further capacity building initiatives on adapting climate services among the insurance communities in an inclusive manner.

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