About the Centre

The International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) is one of the leading research and capacity building organisations working on climate change and development in Bangladesh. ICCCAD’s aim is to develop a world-class institution that is closely related to local experience, knowledge and research in one of the countries that is most affected by climate change. It is our mission to gain and distribute knowledge on climate change and, specifically, adaptation and thereby helping people to adapt to climate change with a focus on the global south. By focusing on such work in Bangladesh, ICCCAD allows international participants to gain direct knowledge of the issues in a real-world context. Through the expertise of ICCCAD and its local partners, international organisations will be exposed to relevant and grounded knowledge that can be shared and transmitted around the world for the benefit of other LDCs, and their governments, donors and international NGOs.

Our Goals

  • Training future and current leaders on Climate Change and Development
  • Conducting research to generate peer reviewed publications on Climate Change and Development, with a focus on Climate Change Adaptation
  • Building capacity, specifically for LDCs
  • Building and leading a network of partners, mainly consisting of Southern based institutes

Our Vision

ICCCAD aims to be a global Centre of Excellence on Climate Change and Development research based in Bangladesh, where Climate Change has a significant impact. As a global Centre of Excellence, ICCCAD wants to build and lead a network of Southern based partner institutes, together educating the world about Climate Change and Development and increasing capacity in the South.

Our Mission

To gain and distribute knowledge on Climate Change and specifically adaptation and thereby helping people to adapt to Climate Change with a focus on the global South.