Submission | Displacement in Loss and Damage

Implementing the Task Force on Displacement Recommendations through Loss and Damage Policy and Practice
A contribution to loss and damage discussions from a human mobility perspective” from a group of human mobility organizations engaged in climate change policy discussions on Loss & Damage(names on the last page of the document).
Attached are also the TFD recommendations, in case useful to read together.
This is a first submission, as we expect the discussions to evolve and for narratives to change. What we know now is the following:
As highlighted by the latest IPCC Synthesis Report (AR6), climate and weather hazards, both sudden and slow-onset, are increasingly driving displacement across regions.
  • Displacement occurs aa consequence of the Loss and Damage (L&D) people suffer.
  • For people affected by climate change, displacement is also a form of non-economic L&D, and a driver of L&D.
  • Displacement generates and perpetuates vulnerability to the adverse effects of climate change.
This document aims to promote the full uptake of the TFD Recommendations into the relevant L&D processes by formulating 3 main recommendations:
  1. Displacement and its impacts need to be accounted for when assessing Loss & Damage and resulting funding decisions and arrangements
  2. Action and Support on Loss & Damage need to integrate displacement, in order to reduce the adverse impacts individuals, communities and societies suffer.
  3. All displaced persons and people affected by displacement should have direct access to loss and damage planning, decision-making and funding to ensure effective response.

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