Climate Tribune | February 2021

List of Articles

  1. Locally led adaptation to climate changes comes of age” by Saleemul Huq
  2. In locally-led adaptation, “locality”and “leadership” remain unclear” by Danielle Faizon
  3. My reflections on the first virtual Gobeshona conference” by Susan Nanduddu
  4. The importance of learning about climate change from the Global South” by Farhana Sultana
  5. Indigenous peoples and local communities in locally-led adaptation” by Afsara Binte Mirza and Ali Mohammad Rezaie
  6. Role of climate services in locally led adaptation: Insights from East America and Latin America” by Towrin Zaman and Mélody Braun
  7. Youth as a driving force for locally-led actions” by Samina Islam and Afsara Binte Mirza
  8. Can disaggregated data help build resilience and ensure climate justice?” by Fatema Akter
  9. Adaptation Research Alliance: A new global initiative for action research” by Adeeba Nuraina Risha
  10. Living with sporadic elephant trampling” by Tahmida Sarker Muna and Mahir Tazwar
  11. Developing profitable rice production for food security” by Md Hafizur Rahman

Climate Tribune  | February 2021

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