Adaptation and Human Impacts

Climate Tribune | September 2021

Adaptation and Human Impacts


Articles in the series

  1. Who is an adaptation expert? By Saleemul Huq and Sirazoom Munira
  2. Is cryptocurrency bad for climate? By Towrin Zaman Raya 
  3. Quest for survival or to the claws of death? by Sumaiya Binte Anwar and Mahmuda Akter 
  4. Critical discussions on Nature-based Solutions (NbS) by Ali Mohammad Rezaie and Farah Anzum 
  5. IPCC sixth assessment report: What does it tell us? by Shohail Bin Saifullah and Adeeba Nuraina Risha 
  6. Is environmental communication the key to inclusive growth? By Magnus Mayeen Ahmed
  7. Environmental migration and climate change in the Indian Ocean littoral by Juel Mahmud, Samina Islam, and Debojyoti Das 
  8. Youth Adaptation Network: Connecting youth and climate change by Lamia Mohsin, Nusrat Naushin, and Rupita Tahsin 
  9. The perks of implementing urban Nature-based Solution in Dhaka City by Afsara Binte Mirza 
  10. How inclusive are the donor agencies in DSCC working for poverty reduction? By Rupita Tahsin, Adiba Nahreen, and Mohammad Kamruzzaman Palash 
  11. Involving children in tackling climate change and environmental threats by Fatema Akter, Savio Rousseau Rozario, Adeeba Nuraina Risha, Afsara Binte Mirza, and Ali Mohammad Rezaie 
  12. Scenario of GHG emission in Bangladesh by Rayha Afroza and Mahmuda Akter 

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