Grant for Students and Early Researchers

Mentorship and Financial Support to the Students and Young Researchers for Conducting Research

Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable hotspot zones in the world for adverse impacts of climate change resulting from increased frequency and intensity of hazards including cyclones, floods, droughts, salinity intrusion, storm surges etc. Hence it is imperative to attain resilience which is yet to achieve through different capacity-building efforts particularly knowledge development and innovation. From this perspective, the International Center for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) in collaboration with the Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) and with the financial support of the Sweden government developed a project titled “Capacity Strengthening of multi-actors to limit climate change impacts and enhance resilience (CAP-RES)”. Under this project research proposals are requested from the early researchers and master’s students from all over Bangladesh who will receive financial and technical assistance. The award winner will be chosen based on a number of factors, including motivation, research interest, inventiveness, need for help, etc. It is expected that the initiative will enhance the quality and scope of research on the themes of LLA and L&D and also build the capacity of the early researcher.

Scope of work:

Potential research areas will include carrying out qualitative research on natural resource-dependent communities’ experiences and understandings of climate change-related uncertainties; risk and vulnerability assessments based on location-specific needs, practices, technologies, and socio-ecological characteristics; enablers and barriers including research and practice gaps for LLA implementation; ground evidence of L&D, etc. A motivated candidate with financial support and guidance from ICCCAD will be able to lead their own research. In order to help with research formulation, the staff at ICCCAD will offer support in research problem formulation, development of methodological approaches, and support theoretical development, particularly around the co-creation of knowledge. Mentorship support will also be provided to the researchers to help influence their careers with early knowledge and skills development on different aspects of climate change. As a part of the mentorship, each fellow will be tagged with a resource person of ICCCAD based on their research interest (LLA, LnD, Climate Finance, NbS, Climate Change and Displacement, policy advocacy, etc.) to get supervision on their research as well as career guideline.


  • To be a current Master’s Student or early career researchers
  • Having decent academic results
  • Have basic knowledge of climate change
  • Working experience on climate change issues or having a strong  motivation to conduct research on environmental sustainability and climate change issues
  • Willing to travel home and abroad
  • Must be a citizen of Bangladesh

Preference will be given:

  • Candidates from outside of Dhaka
  • Applicants from vulnerable and marginal areas (e.g. coastal area, Hill Tract, Haor or Barind area).
  • Candidates from the fields of environmental sciences and management, geography, development studies, climate change, and disaster management

What we are offering:

  • Financial and technical support for 10 candidates from different universities early researcher
  • Each selected candidate will get maximum BDT: 50000.00(fifty thousand taka only) to conduct research
  • The ICCCAD personnel will provide assistance with the framing of research problems, the development of methodological strategies, and the support of theoretical development, particularly with regard to the co-creation of knowledge.
  • In order to get supervision on their research as well as career guidance, each fellow will be paired with an ICCCAD resource person depending on their research interests (LLA, Loss and Damage, Climate Finance, Nature-based solutions, Climate Change and Displacement, policy advocacy, etc.).

Tenure of Grant:

The grant will be for one year.

Selection Process:

Each applicant must pass through the basic selection criteria mentioned above for accepting their application. An evaluation committee consisting of three members from ICCCAD, IUB, and an external from outside of ICCCAD and IUB will evaluate the submitted proposal.


The selected applicant will submit a research report to the project team after completing the research.

Payment modality:

The 50% fund will be disbursed in advance to awarded individuals to his/her Bank accounts (or A/C pay cheque) direct from the IUB account. The rest 50% will be disbursed after submitting the report.

How to apply:

Every applicant has to submit a research proposal within 1000 words along with the application form. To get the application form to apply please click here. The deadline for the application is June 20, 2023.

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For clarification about the process, please contact Maria Aktar, Email address:


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