Reports / Scoping Studies

Non-Economic Loss and Damage Caused by Climatic Stressors in Selected Coastal Districts of Bangladesh. October 2014. Stephanie Andrei, Golam Rabbani and Hafij Islam Khan.

This report aims to respond to this gap in knowledge by presenting findings from the community level in South-West Bangladesh. The main goal of this research study was to begin deconstructing what non-economic losses and damages might entail and evaluate qualitative methods for its research. The research was conducted in partnership with the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) and the Bangladesh Center for Advanced Studies (BCAS) and made possible by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). This report feeds into ADB’s projects to support the implementation of the Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy Action Plan (BCCSAP) and in particular, items related to loss and damage.


Taking Effective Community-based Adaptation to Scale: An assessment of the GEF Small Grants Programme Community-Based Adaptation Project in Namibia, June 2013, ICCCAD.

This report is an exploratory study on scaling up and scaling out the GEF SGP community-based adaptation (CBA) project, implemented by UNDP. Using Namibia in sub-Saharan Africa as a case study, this report identifies which processes used and results obtained are effective.

Scoping Report – Current Status of IBI in Bangladesh, 2013, Ahmed, T, WorldFish.

With current and anticipated increases in magnitude of extreme weather events and a declining consistency in weather patterns, particularly challenging for agriculture, there has been a growing interest in weather index-based insurance (IBI) schemes in Bangladesh. A number of weather index-based insurance products have already been tested and applied across Asia and Africa, with varying degrees of success, as a mechanism to improve livelihood security by enabling vulnerable populations to transfer risk associated with climate change, extreme weather events and other hazards. In the process, these efforts have generated important new knowledge on how these schemes can be designed and implemented for optimal results. However, the practice of index-based insurance is still limited in Bangladesh, and the experience and knowledge generated by the different stakeholders involved needs to be better communicated.