Alice Baillat at the Resilience Academy 2013

I had the chance to attend the first Resilience Academy the BRAC CDM centre in Savar and it was an unforgettable experience. All the participants came from different places in the world, with different backgrounds, different experiences and different approaches of what resilience means in the context of climate change. This diversity made the group very vibrant and the discussions so fruitful!

I applied to this Resilience Academy to learn more about resilience and thus expanding my own research on climate-related migration in Bangladesh. The result has exceeded my expectations, as I gained not only a deeper knowledge about resilience but also some incredible feedbacks on my own work, as well as exciting publication projects for the future.

What I found particularly exciting at this Resilience Academy is also the idea that beyond spending one week with talented people, I know that I am going to meet them again for another enlightening session next year in Germany. This is a rare and great opportunity for the participants to strengthen their networks and develop innovative and ambitious collaboration projects. With the first session held in Bangladesh and the second held in Germany, and with participants coming from different countries, the Resilience Academy also seeks to strengthen South-North collaborations. It invites participants to change their perspectives by learning from each other and thus leads to new ways of thinking about resilience and how to foster it.

But this week was not only a unique opportunity for dialogue and collective reflection on the concept of resilience. It was also an enjoyable week with enthusiastic people, unforgettable music sessions and informal fascinating discussions.  The BRAC Centre in Savar, where was held the Resilience Academy, was also a perfect place for creating this cohesion among participants. I think that we are all now looking forward to meet again in Germany next year and to continue the work has begun in Bangladesh. Thanks to the organisers for giving us this innovative space!

Written by: Alice Baillat, Visiting Researcher, ICCCAD November Newsletter 2013