Recording | ICCCAD and IUB E-Lecture Series -Gregg B. Walker

Lecture on “Organizing and Empowering Local Voices and Views: Collaborative Alignment and Locally-Led Adaptation Planning and Action

by Prof. Gregg B. Walker

International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) in collaboration with the Department of Environmental Science and Management at Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) organised a webinar on 13th September 2021 (Monday)

Prof. Gregg B Walker is Professor at Oregon State University. He presented on ‘Organizing and Empowering Local Voices and Views: Collaborative Alignment and Locally-led Adaptation Planning and Action by Gregg Walker’. He focused on the model “Collaborative Alignment – the 4 Ps Framework” and how it adheres with the principles of locally-led adaptation and sustainable development goals. The 4 P principle comprise of Purpose; People; Process; Product. These components look into how properly things are functioning in relationship to one another. By presenting on the following three case studies (i) Case One – The Sublette County Forest Collaborative – Wyoming (SCFC) (ii) Case Two – The Clearwater Basin Collaborative – Idaho (CBC) and (iii) Case Three: The Partnership for Coastal Watersheds (PCW) Prof. Walker elaborated how Collaborative Alingments (CA) provides a framework for empowerment, engagement, and action for vulnerable groups while being easy to understand and apply

Professor Dr. Saleemul Huq, Director of ICCCAD introduced the speaker and moderated the webinar. The lecture was followed with discussion by two designated discussants: Celine d’ Cruz, Urban development practitioner and Visiting Researcher, ICCCAD and Shahrin Mannan Coordinator-Resilience Programme, ICCCAD. The discussants reflected back on their professional experience and project interventions relevant to the lecture topic.

Short Bio for the Guest Speaker:

Prof. Gregg B Walker is Professor of Communication, and Adjunct Professor in Environmental Sciences, Forest Ecosystems and Society, Marine Resource Management, Public Policy, and Water Resources Policy and Management at Oregon State University. He has authored numerous articles and presented numerous papers on environmental conflict management and dispute resolution. He is the co-author (with Steve Daniels) of the book, Working Through Environmental Conflict: The Collaborative Learning Approach (Greenwood/Praeger)

He attends most of the United Nations climate change negotiation meetings and conducts related research on those negotiations

The webinar was the sixth episode in the series of lectures by renowned experts working in the field of climate change, climate policy, and sustainable development which aim to provide an opportunity to share knowledge and have discussions on important topics and issues relevant to climate change.

The session was attended by a good number of both national and international participants from academia, policy makers, and representatives from development actors.

Recording of the lecture


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