Climate Change Governance

Climate Change Governance (CCG) programme started at ICCCAD in 2013 and has been one of the prominent initiatives within the organization. The primary concentration of CCG is on finance and policy in both global and national contexts. The programme is designed to address the governance challenges within climate change programmes and policies by engaging with multiple stakeholders from both government and non-government institutions.

Objectives of the Programme:

  • Ensure governance issues  for climate change are addressed at all level  and inform national and global discussions on the issue of good governance and climate change;
  • Bring evidence together to help all stakeholders in Bangladesh to ensure funds for tackling climate change, that is being made available, are used to help the most vulnerable communities in the country, and;
  • Through the expertise of ICCCAD and its partners, ensure all stakeholders are exposed to relevant and grounded knowledge that can be shared and transmitted around the world for the benefit of other Least Developed Countries (LDC), and their governments, donors and international NGOs.

The programme started its journey by looking at mechanisms for financing local adaptation in Bangladesh and has since then expanded. One of the first projects under the CCG project looked to strengthen partnerships for capacity building and finance for local level adaptation. Later on it expanded its working area to include broader governance considerations. This project was completed in June 2014. At present, the team has started researching climate finance in the international context.

Programme Flyer