Apply for Visiting Researcher

The primary purpose of the Visiting Researcher Programme is to foster the exchange of ideas between Bangladesh and foreign nationals and to stimulate international collaborative teaching and research efforts. The exchange of professors and research scholars promotes interchange, mutual enrichment, and linkages between research and educational institutions in Bangladesh.

Visiting researchers have the opportunity to be placed in one of our research initiatives where they can be exposed to research that the centre undertakes in one of our thematic research areas. The application process is competitive and are limited to individuals associated with other research institutes. Current PhD students may apply for affiliation as a Visiting Researcher.
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To apply for our visiting research programme a complete application is required, consisting of four documents:

  1. Resume/CV
  2. Coverletter (in English)
  3. Application Form (download)
  4. Research Proposal 
    • Title of proposed project while at ICCCAD
    • Description of research project and research plan (max. 500 words)
    • Necessary support from ICCCAD

Please send the above documents to Dr. Nazneen I. Khan