Short Courses

Short Courses at ICCCAD are designed for working professionals interested in improving their skills in a number of fields related to climate change. These courses not only provide individuals with a unique opportunity to network with others but also to learn from various leading experts in the field. Often organized in partnership with other international NGOs, individuals will take home a particular skill set so as to better respond to a changing environment. Each course will require different criteria but this information will be available online.

Participants are encouraged to apply to the courses most relevant to them, however certain courses will require participants find their own funding to attend. Applications to courses will be made available online however ICCCAD reserves the right to decline applicants up to one week prior to the course start date.

Please Note: ICCCAD neither has the authority, nor the information to give legal advice on visa applications.  Moreover, we cannot intervene in cases where a visa application has been denied. An offer of internship to a successful candidate is by no means a guarantee of a successful visa issued by the Bangladesh government. 

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