Insights on land use, agriculture and food security in Bangladesh: way forward with climate change and development

An  extensive  review  was  undertaken  of  relevant  peer-reviewed  journal  articles,  international  and  national  NGO  reports,  case  studies,  newspaper  articles, factsheets, policy briefs and blogs relating to land use and land cover, agriculture and impacts of  climate  change  in  Bangladesh.  Scientific  studies  and  projections  provide  evidence  to  support  the  argument that the agricultural sector in Bangladesh is  threatened  by  climate  change  impacts,  rapid  population growth and economic growth as reflected by  infrastructure  development.  Furthermore,  infrastructure development, such as building roads and housing, is also decreasing available agricultural land area. Urban expansion is attracting more people from rural areas to urban settlements in search of opportunities for better living. Thus, a transformative change has occurred from an agro-based economy to  an  industrialised  one  –  a  trend  that  is  likely  to  continue. These changes may threaten the ability of the country to produce enough food to meet growing demand in the coming decades. Moreover, a changing climate also brings threats to crop production in the forms  of  droughts,  floods  and  storms.  Brammer  (2020b) also noted that climatic changes and impacts are irregular and non-uniform across the nation. Thus, climate projections and trends should be verified with historical and local data and contexts before using them to inform decision-making. Finally, policy support and mandates can backstop climate-resilience actions and transformative agricultural practices to overcome the challenges of food security and climate change in the country. Institutional and community capacity-building can also enhance agricultural development.

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