Alina Schulenburg

Visiting Researcher

Alina Schulenburg Photo Alina Schulenburg is a Visiting Researcher at ICCCAD. She has recently completed her Masters degree in International Development: Politics, Governance and Development Policy at the Global Development Institute (GDI), University of Manchester. During her masters she focused on the analysis of the political processes that contribute to the success and failure of policy implementation and was influenced by the work on political economy analysis of the Effective States and Inclusive Develpment (ESID) Research Centre helmed at GDI. In 2016 she carried out a research with the GDI in Uganda, looking at how the political setting in Uganda affected the inclusivity and effectiveness of the decentralized public health system. In her masters dissertation with the title „Transformational Adaptation to Climate Change: A Political Process?“ she analyzed how the relationship between national and sub-national governments in Nepal affected the formulation and implementation of the Local Adaptation Plans for Action (LAPA), a programme for community-based adaptation to climate change. Prior to her masters Alina Schulenburg worked in the field of organizational development and consulting in Germany. She also engaged herself in Ideen hoch 3, a network of young consultants interested in collective decision making and organizational designs. She was a participant of the Leadership hoch 3 Academy, a one year training during which the group experimented with tools for process facilitation, participation and holocracy. Her current research focuses on the understanding and practice of participation of relevant stakeholders in the adaptation to climate change in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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