Juel Mahmud

Program Coordinator 

Juel Mahmud is a dedicated environmental professional currently serving as the Programme Coordinator at the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD). With a robust background in environmental sciences, he earned both his undergraduate and Master’s degrees from Jahangirnagar University, establishing a strong foundation for his career in climate change advocacy and research.

Before joining ICCCAD, Juel held the position of Deputy Manager in the Climate Change Programme at BRAC, showcasing his expertise in addressing environmental challenges. In his current role, he is at the forefront of coordinating the Climate Change and Displacement Programme at ICCCAD. His responsibilities include overseeing various research projects, and focusing on critical climate change issues.

Juel is an adept fundraiser, demonstrating his proficiency in developing compelling research proposals to secure funding from donors. In the past year alone, he successfully secured over 2 million USD, a testament to his strategic approach and commitment to advancing climate change initiatives.

Managing a significant portfolio, Juel supervises five project teams with a total of 25 members. His leadership involves delegating assignments, evaluating team performance, and providing capacity-building training to nurture the skills of young researchers under his supervision.

Beyond his role as a Programme Coordinator, Juel plays a vital role in supporting ICCCAD’s Senior Management. He actively contributes to the planning, design, and implementation of Climate Change-related activities. His involvement in decision-making processes showcases his strategic thinking and dedication to advancing the organization’s mission.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Juel Mahmud is an avid explorer with a passion for discovering new places. This combination of professional dedication and personal curiosity reflects his holistic approach to life and commitment to making a positive impact in the field of climate change.