Programme Coordinator

Noor-E-Elahi is a dynamic professional and serves as Programme Coordinator at the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) in Dhaka, Bangladesh, managing partnerships and contributed in different projects on climate change adaptation, renewable energy, loss and damage, and urban resilience.Noor is affiliated with the Resilience Hub and the Gobeshona programme of ICCCAD, a consortium of over 50 organizations including universities, research institutions, NGOs, and INGOs dedicated to climate change adaptation and resilience in Bangladesh. He focuses on fostering collaborative opportunities with national and international stakeholders, emphasizing policy, partnership, and knowledge sharing through ICCCAD’s Policy Support Programme. Noor organizes Learning Hub Events (LHEs), which serve as platforms for knowledge exchange and deliberation, aiming to integrate climate change and related issues into planning and policy-making¬†processes.¬†