Rigan Ali Khan

Coordinator- Youth Programme


Rigan is a Environmental Management Graduate from the Independent University, Bangladesh. He is the Coordinator of the Youth program and looking after all the Youth programme development, communication and other works at the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD).
Rigan is a freelance researcher and consultant, worked with BRAC, WorldFish, BBC Media Action, Oxfam Global and few more organizations. He is one of the Young Researcher of the USAID-Gobeshona young researcher program. Rigan has been working both in the field and off the field, mainly in the field of Disaster management, Climate Change, Youth and Trans-boundary water management. Apart from this area, he did research work in some other areas. By the side of with his undergraduate studies, Rigan started working with different organization as a volunteer to gain practical knowledge also to expose himself to the development sector.
As a growing researcher, Rigan is specifically interested in disaster resilience, environmental management, livelihoods and climate change induced disaster management, but he do not bind his self to the only interest area, he is open to any new topic and research because he believes; he is young, energetic and can learn from everything.