Yousuf Mahid


Yousuf Mahid's PhotoMahid has been serving as a Coordinator of Climate Change Governance (CCG), Climate Change Finance (CCF) and Private Sector Business Development (PSBD) programme at ICCCAD since February 2015. He worked as a Project Manager in the DFID funded project titled “Climate Change Learning Hub in Bangladesh” in collaboration with International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED). He has been involved in a project called “Building Readiness of the Private Sectors in Bangladesh for GCF Accreditation” funded by CDKN, that has a strong focus on the mapping out the climate change related activities and institutional assessment of the private sectors of Bangladesh. Moreover, he is working on another DFID funded project called “Economic Dialogue on Green Growth (EDGG)” as a Project Coordinator, which has a strong inclination on the scoping for the involvement of public and private sectors towards green economy and also to shape the policy reform necessary to initiate the green development in Bangladesh. He has also been coordinating Learning Hub Events (LHEs), as one of the core activities of ICCCAD that provides a unique knowledge sharing platform between the researchers and policy makers to facilitate the government officials of General Economics Division (GED) of Planning Commission. By training, Mahid is an Urban Planner. He has been graduated from Urban and Regional Planning Department at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) and currently pursuing his Master of Economics with a concentration in Environmental Economics from University of Dhaka.