8th Short Course

“Planning, Implementing and Mainstreaming Adaptation in Government Programmes”

13th -19th November 2011: Independent University Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Atik Rahman (BCAS)
  • Nanki Kaur (IIED)
  • Simon Anderson (IIED)
  • Horoun Er Rashid (IUB)
  • Omar Rahman (IUB)
  • Victor Orindi (Ministry of State for Development of Northern Kenya and Other Arid Lands)
Short Course Summary

ICCCAD 8th short course started on 13th November and ended on 19th November with a fruitful and successful completion. Twenty five government officials from Kenya, Tanzania, Gambia, Rwanda, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Bangladesh attended the course. Simon Anderson, Head of Climate Change Group from the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) coordinated the course along with Saleemul Huq, Nanki Kaur and Victor Orindi. As climate change becomes recognised as an important issue to be incorporated into national development planning and implementation, Governments in many developing countries are beginning to develop national and sectoral climate change plans and projects in different ministries and departments. Since climate change is a new subject for most of the government officials having to develop and implement such plans, there is a need for training on how to plan, implement and ultimately mainstream climate change into national and sectoral development plans and programmes. This short course at ICCCAD was designed to provide such training for Government officials from developing countries.

The seven-day intensive course from 13th to 19th November, 2011 used a combination of lectures from expert Faculty, Guest Lectures, Group Work, Individual Work Plans, one-on-one mentoring and Field Visits. Topic included real life examples of national, sectoral and local level planning and integration of climate change into developed activities from Bangladesh, Nepal and Kenya. 

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