Webinar Recording: COP26 and UK-Bangladesh Collaboration to tackle Climate Change

You are cordially welcome to watch the recording of the webinar on COP26 and UK-Bangladesh Collaboration to tackle Climate Change, held on 18 June 2020 here:



Event Date: 18 June 2020
Organized by: International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD)

The webinar followed the modality of a dialogue and discussion among Prof. Saleemul Huq and other distinguished experts on latest development and post challenges of COP26, gender and youth dimension of COP26, status of capacity building and loss and damage and finally potential collaboration between UK and Bangladesh in tackling climate change.

Moderator: Prof. Saleemul Huq, Director, ICCCAD

Main Speakers:

  1. Ken O’Flaherty, COP26 Regional Ambassador for Asia/Pacific and South Asia
    2. Anna Balance, Climate Change and Environment Advisor, DFID-Bangladesh
    3. Prof. Mizan R. Khan, Deputy Director, ICCCAD
    2. Shaila Shahid, Senior Advisor, Climate Change, DRR and Gender, ICCCAD

Guest Speakers:

  1. Jennifer Khadim, Youth Program Coordinator, ICCCAD
  2. Hafij Khan, Loss and Damage team leader, ICCCAD
  3. Dr. Feisal Rahman, Former Research Coordinator, ICCCAD

Download the webinar brief

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