Financing Local Adaptation and Good Governance

A bottom-up approach emphasizing transparent, responsive governance and community empowerment is an important element of effective climate change adaptation. The international community is increasingly focused on ensuring that climate finance reaches vulnerable people and that local institutions have the capacity to plan for climate change. Bangladesh has begun addressing this issue, but more mainstreaming and coordination is needed.

That is why we have created this group, as an outcome of a workshop organized by the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) on “Strengthening Partnership on Capacity Building and Finance for Local Climate Change Adaptation in Bangladesh”.  Practitioners and experts from different organizations working in Bangladesh jointly developed a way forward for financing local level adaptation and analyzing the capacity building and partnership strengthening needs.

This LinkedIn group has been created to help us to disseminate the work being done in Bangladesh on the issue of financing local adaptation and we hope will stimulate discussions and ideas from people working on this issue from different part of the world.

We hope you will join the discussions, even if you are not an expert in the field there will be something for you to take away.

By: Nawmi Mannan, Research Officer, ICCCAD March Newsletter 2014