Women Champions in the Face of Climate Adversities

Climate Tribune | March 2021

List of Articles

  1. “The critical roles played by the women climate champions” by Dilruba Haider and PriodarshineAuvi
  2. “Celebrating women climate champions of the global south” by Farah Kabir
  3. “Making LLA workable for the urban poor and cities” by Celine d’Cruz
  4. “WASH and gender: The human rights perspective” by Rifat Saifee and Shaila Shahid
  5. “It is possible to achieve climate stability as long as community voices, experience, and engagement are recognized” by Ineza Umuhoza Grace
  6. “Three collaboration avenues to ensure climate services are actually locally-led and gender-responsive” by Mélody Braun, Ashley Curtis, Carmen Gonzalez Romero, and Amanda Grossi
  7. “Anita’s face-off with climate change” by Arusa Iqbal Rahim
  8. “Transformation is required from ‘below’” by Mahmuda Akter and Tasfia Tasnim
  9. “Establishing Southern-based collaborations to enhance locally-led adaptation and resilience” by Shahrin Mannan
  10. “Importance of equity and social inclusion as means of achieving an equal future” by Rukhsar Sultana and Shahrin Mannan
  11. “Celebrating women as changemakers in water and migration issues” by Faizah Jaheen Ahmed
  12. “The untold struggles of women in Dhaka’s Bihari camp” by Fatema Akter
  13. “Marginalization or empowerment?” by Sumaiya Binte Anwar and Mahmuda Akter

Climate Tribune  | March 2021


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