Climate Smart Rain Water Harvesting System Inaugurated in Mongla, Promises Inclusive Urban Infrastructure for Informal Settlements

Photo Source: ICCCAD Team

In a momentous ceremony held on 31st July, 2023, the Climate Smart Rain Water Harvesting System project was officially inaugurated in Mongla, bringing hope in the form of inclusive urban infrastructure for an informal settlement named Signal Tower Colony. The event witnessed the handover of the project structure to local authorities and marked the commencement of the system’s operational phase.

Attended by representatives from ICCCAD, Shushilan Ltd., Mongla Port Pourashava, and esteemed local leaders, the inauguration ceremony celebrated the successful completion of the project. The Mayor of Mongla, Mr. Abdur Rahman, expressed his appreciation for the project’s objectives and acknowledged its potential to benefit the community significantly.

The implementation of this pioneering project was made possible through funding provided by ICCCAD, while the on-ground efforts were diligently carried out by Shushilan Ltd. The concerted efforts of all stakeholders and community members were crucial in bringing this transformative initiative to fruition.

The Climate Smart Rain Water Harvesting System aims to address the pressing challenges of drinking water in the region and bolster the community’s resilience to climate change impacts. By harnessing rainwater through innovative and sustainable methods, the system promises to provide a reliable water source for the area while reducing dependence on traditional water supply systems.

Photo Source: ICCCAD Team

During the ceremony, Mayor Abdur Rahman handed over the structure’s key to the chairperson of the operation and maintenance committee, marking the commencement of the system’s operational phase. The committee’s responsibility will be to ensure the smooth functioning and maintenance of the rainwater harvesting system to maximize its benefits in the long run.

The inauguration event served as a symbol of hope and progress for the Signal Tower Community in Mongla, as they strive to combat water scarcity and adapt to the changing climate conditions. The project is expected to enhance water availability, promote sustainable urban development, and create a positive impact on the overall well-being of the residents.

Photo Source: ICCCAD Team

The success of the Climate Smart Rain Water Harvesting System stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and community-driven initiatives. As the project takes its course, stakeholders and partners are optimistic about witnessing the lasting, positive effects it will have on the lives of the people of Signal Tower Colony, Mongla.

The project’s implementation would not have been possible without the support and active involvement of the local community, government authorities, and dedicated organizations. As the system begins its operation, all stakeholders are eager to monitor its progress and celebrate the long-term benefits it will bring to the region’s sustainable development.

With the Climate Smart Rain Water Harvesting System now operational, the community sets its sights on a more resilient and water-secure future. This momentous occasion marks a significant step towards building a sustainable and climate-resilient urban landscape in Mongla.

About the Authors:
Md. Lutfor Rahman, Farhin Rahman Reeda & Md. Juel Mahmud are working on the Inclusive Urban Infrastructure project, at the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD).