Climate Tribune | January 2021

List of Articles

  1. “Nature-based solutions should be an integral part of locally-led adaptation” by Haseeb Md Irfanullah
  2. Imagining a pristine Dhaka by adopting NbS” by Tasfia Tasnim and Saleemul Huq
  3. Climate-induced displacement can be prevented through NbS” by Kazi Amdadul Hoque and Towrin Zaman
  4. How environmental restoration and refugee protection are connected” by Mokhlesur Rahman
  5. “Trap that carbon” by Joy Bhowmik
  6. How science can align with indigenous knowledge to forecast weather” by Savio Rousseau Rozario, Mahmuda Akter, and Ali Mohammad Rezaie
  7. The perks of forming coalition and financial mechanisms in mitigation and adaptation” by Afsara Binte Mirza, Anika Binte Razzaque, and Ali Mohammad Rezaie
  8. Capacity building and communication to scale-up ingenious conservation efforts” by Mahmuda Akter and Ali Mohammad Rezaie
  9. “Nature + Accelerator Fund is a novel financial mechanism to bring the private sector into conservation actions” by Farah Anzum and Khalid Hossain

Climate Tribune  | January 2021

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